Mobile App Development Resources

Office of Information Technology

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If you’re doing app development on behalf of the University with the goal to publish your app under the Duke University brand on Apple’s App Store, you can use University app development resources. OIT has built a team of mobile app development expertise to help develop, test and launch your apps.

What We Offer

  • Enterprise Distribution. If you have an iOS app that you would like to distribute internal to Duke University (i.e. to staff, faculty, students) then this is what you want. We can host a build of your application and make it available on the site, which will require a Duke NetID for authentication of users to download and install your app.
  • Beta Distribution. When you have tested your application and are ready to distribute it to external testers we can help with that too. We will work with your sign your application for distribution and set up Duke’s TestFlight platform for iOS.
  • Publishing on the App Store. If you are ready to release your application to the general public under Duke University brand on the App Store we will work with you to sign your application for distribution, navigate Apple’s review process, and finally, make your app available under Duke University’s account. For security reasons we maintain strict control over Duke University App Store account. When distributing an iOS apps on the Apple App Store or using our Enterprise Distribution services this security restriction means that we will need access to your source code base.


Student Resources for development projects.

If you’re a student or faculty doing app development inside the University for use by students or staff, you can use University Co-Lab development resources.

What We Offer

  • Co-Lab Tech Resources, including Office Hours and Slack:
  • Co-Lab Developer Documentation:
  • Student App store:
  • Co-Lab APIs:
  • Co-Lab App Manager:
  • Streamer:
  • VM-Manage:
  • Gitlab:

External App Development Vendors

We maintain a list of approved app development vendors who other members of staff/faculty have used to develop mobile apps.

List of approved mobile app development vendors – contact for details.

Mobile App Directory

Duke University Released Applications

Public iOS applications produced by Duke University are published on Apple’s App Store. Search your iPhone App Store for “Duke University” for the latest applications.

Duke App Icons

Duke University internal Applications

Other mobile applications, intended for Duke employees/student use are available on Duke’s internal App store: for details (NetID/Shiboleth authentication required).

Duke Apps website

Duke University Student Applications

Student developed applications are made available on the Colab App Store (visit for latest releases.)

Duke University App Store