The university community takes great pride in the appearance of the campus. The presence of too many banners can distract from the clean aesthetic that is the brand. The University balances the need to draw attention to school and center special events with the need to preserve the beauty and serenity of our campus. Therefore, to the greatest extent possible, the hanging of banners should be limited to the approved banner locations noted below. The hanging of banners on buildings or structures related to buildings is not encouraged but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

General Banner Requirements for Approval:

  • Banners must be in good taste, clean, neat, have correct grammar, and contain no commercial content.
  • Groups displaying banners must be recognized campus organizations or departments.
  • No banners may be attached to university buildings without permission from the Office of the Executive Vice President.
  • Banner designs must be approved by University Communications – Digital and Brand Strategy and can be hung for a period of two weeks unless otherwise permitted.
  • Banners are created in 2x3ft or 2x6ft formats.

Download Banner Templates (3.5MB Zip file)

Approval for banners on Chapel and Campus Drive:

  • Permission for banners along Chapel Drive and Campus Drive must be obtained through University Communications – Digital and Brand Strategy.
  • You must submit a draft of your proposed banner to the UC and allow 5 days for review.
  • Facilities Management will handle the printing and installation of banners and they must be contacted at least 10 business days in advance of the printing and installation date.

Approval for hanging banners in Bryan Center Plaza:

  • Permission must be obtained through the Event Services Office (

Examples of the campus banner designs