To install the Final Cut Pro titles, you will need to…

  1. Install the OpenSans font.
  2. Download the ZIP file.
  3. Create a special “Titles.localized” folder within your “Motion Templates” folder.
  4. Copy the folder within the ZIP file into the new “Titles” folder.

Install the OpenSans Font

Download and install the OpenSans font.

Download and Install the FCP Templates ZIP File

Download the FCP Templates ZIP file.

Locate the “Motion Templates” folder in your home directory within the “Movies” folder.

From a Finder window, go to the Menu Bar and select “Go”. Then choose “Home”. Then open the “Movies” folder. If you have already installed Final Cut Pro or Motion, there will be a folder named “Motion Templates”.

Create the “Titles.localized” folder.

If you do not have a “Titles” folder already (one that was created with Apple’s Motion), you will need to create a specifically-named folder. Within the “Motion Templates” folder, go to the Menu Bar and select “File” and then “New Folder”. In naming the folder, give it the name “Titles.localized”. Make sure to add “.localized” to the name. Once created in this way, the folder will just show as “Titles”.

Unzip the ZIP file and copy the “Duke” folder within the ZIP file into the new “Titles” folder.

Start (or restart) Final Cut Pro.

Locate the titles in Final Cut Pro.

In the Final Cut Pro browser (the upper left corner where the Libraries, Events, Projects and other templates live), select the “Titles and Generators” button to open its sidebar. You can also get to this
via the Final Cut Pro Menu Bar by selecting “Window” and then “Go To” followed by “Titles and Generators”.

Select the Duke titles category.

Now, select the “Duke” category under the “Titles” section to see all six of the titles.

Use the Titles controls in the Inspector to modify as needed.

When using the titles, look for the controls in the “Titles Inspector” to make modifications.